From the start my attempt has been to create works that are a colourful exploration of the textural, linear and sensory worlds. During the process of expression, I follow a strong sensation that unconsciously overcomes me and becomes my inspiration. This, in turn, unfolds itself when the artwork is complete.

Being a visual person I use texture a lot, in order to add another dimension and an extra creative layer. The intense dialogue that takes place between me and my canvas is not just via the traditional brushstrokes, paint or ink, but by using my hands and various other tools as well. Interestingly though, the colours are actually carefully thought out and each one has a role even though my state of mind governs the style and scale of the work. Each shade is a facet of a pre-conceived palette of combinations. That is the most definite part of my art. You will find this is what draws out the response from deep within you as the beholder.

I’ve always been strongly guided by my surroundings and try to commit to memory what affects me, so that I can summon those moments while I work. Very often photographs, places I’ve visited and emotions leave a strong wavelike imprint on my imagination that plays a huge part in my work. My line sketches reflect this emotion differently from the acrylic works, while both have the same common sources of inspiration.

My philosophy has and will always be about allowing my work to invoke a state of ‘happy’ for the viewer to experience and leave with! It is that response, that “Oh my goodness this work gives me goosebumps” or “I feel like I have a connection with this work” is my greatest reward! The viewer gets to become part of my creative process and that individual connect is what I seek, hence “Untitled”! Individual interpretation without bias is my sole intention.