I paint not the things I see but the feelings they arouse in me.

-Franz Kline

‘Confluence’ is my second solo show that has been inspired by a myriad of different journeys over the past year or so.

The strongest role in this exploration has been that of my trip to Amritsar in January of 2019. Visits to the Partition Museum, my ancestral home and the Golden Temple brought about a sense of nostalgia in some ways and also that of ‘belonging’.

It immediately led to a million ideas brewing in my head and in turn ‘Undivided’. My work titled ‘Undivided’ is a creative representation on pre partition Punjab-The land of the 5 rivers and that of my ancestors.

Other facets of the collection are an amalgamation of my memories and impressions of travels to my childhood home in the hills of Kasauli, as well as the articulation of feelings and emotions inspired by a particular environment, state of mind, memory or sensation.

The act of painting and the creation of my work may be spontaneous and develop with each stroke or medium applied, however, the sentiment and idea behind it is most certainly a definite thought. I enjoy working with a host of different mediums and tools to create textures and layers that are not immediately obvious. Therefore the open-ended nature of the art allows one to decide for themselves the various possibilities and narratives of each work!

‘Confluence’ is an encapsulation and meeting point of all the above, to create a one of a kind artistic showcase into a little piece of my life.